What is a Family Office?

A Family Office is a company that provides customized services, such as wealth and risk management advice, through a dedicated team of professionals and experts who understand your financial situation and offers an integrated and cohesive plan for preserving or increasing your wealth.

Why do I need a Family Office?

A Family Office makes life simpler. If you find that managing your wealth by yourself is too complex, takes up too much of your time, that you lack knowledge or confidence in financial institutions or that you want to feel more secure, a Family Office is a solution.

How does a Family Office work?

A Family Office knows your needs and presents tailor-made solutions to solve your family’s financial problems. The relationship is dedicated and permanent. With this service you will benefit from continuous monitoring and periodic suggestions in a secure environment where your data remains private and protected.




Our mission is to provide expert, independent and personalized financial advice and services to families and investors, helping them to reach their financial goals. We want to help them preserve or increase their wealth and pass it on to future generations.


Tree Family Office is the commercial brand of the Portuguese investment consultancy firm “PROTESTE INVESTE - Consultores para Investimento”, which is fully owned by DECO PROTESTE. The company belongs to the Euroconsumers group, which is active in Portugal, Spain, Italy, Brazil and Belgium.


Tree Family Office has a dedicated team of financial experts with a long track-record in the financial markets. Moreover, it benefits from the experience, expertise and know-how of roughly 30 financial analysts working with the Euroconsumers group doing economic research and market review, covering a wide range of areas and products.


Tree Family Office works as your independent financial adviser, using a unique methodology tested for more than 20 years. We recommend the most appropriate solutions and oversee your investments, making sure they are consistently aligned with the goals you have established.



Investments & Portfolio Advice

This is our core activity. It includes a wide range of services: investment advice in financial instruments, portfolio analytics, simulation, modelling and benchmarking, portfolio performance measurement, macroeconomic and market review and outlook, prepare orders and allocation schemes.

Life Management & Budgeting

We analyze your financial situation, taking into account your goals and risk tolerance, wealth reviews, short and medium-term liquidity requirements and long-term objectives.

Compliance and Regulatory

We provide governance and management structures to deal with your family’s wealth in a transparent manner, fulfilling your financial objectives and understanding your constraints (investment policy statement).

Multigenerational Management

We know how important it is to transfer wealth to future generations, so we assist you in preparing an investment strategy to ensure smooth succession to your heirs, giving due attention to the financial security of your family members.

Risk Management

We take a consolidated approach to risk management which includes risk mitigation, cost reduction and value creation, as critical considerations in keeping your family and your wealth protected. Always taking into consideration your risk profile and financial goals, our aim is to turn risk into results.

Reporting & Record Keeping

We use a complete system of data aggregation and portfolio composition reporting, including transactions and performance analysis, allowing for more effective decision making to comply with your family’s mission and meet your goals, while proposing both preventive and correction adjustments.


Financial Services

We are prepared to work with any financial intermediary, but you may also benefit from partnerships, in order to reduce your custody and transaction fees or enable you to subscribe to financial products with superior conditions.

Other Services

Through partnerships you may have access to services and advantages in other areas, such as legal and tax advice, insurance and training.


deco value

Deco Proteste Warrantee

Tree Family Office shares the values of DECO PROTESTE: Independence, Proximity, and Credibility. Shielded against any potential conflict of interest, we defend your interests and offer high quality financial advisory services with a transparent cost structure.

value 360

Multi-area approach (360°)

Bringing together multiple disciplines and taking a coordinated approach, we develop a comprehensive plan, aggregating all the information in just one place and identifying the areas that require specific expertise and attention. Since we advise rather than manage, we work with any financial service provider.


Confidentiality & Trust

We will be your trustworthy adviser throughout your life, making sure everything is in order, that you have a plan for moving forward and that all the intricate pieces fit together. Our service is backed up by a solid IT structure that keeps your financial data private and secure.


Personalized advice

Our advisory service is built around you, according to your needs, wants and budget. Considering every financial aspect of your family life, we will help you to improve your return, manage risk and protect your patrimony. The service pays for itself.